Feminism, Disability & Activism Zine: call for submissions

The Feminist Activist Forum is calling for submissions for a zine on feminism, disability and activism:

Disability has been treated as an unglamorous side-issue within feminist activism.

We are looking for writing and artwork that addresses attitudes to disability within the UK feminist movement.

  • Have you experienced exclusion from feminist groups and events because you have a disability?
  • Are there any areas of feminist rhetoric that you find dis-ableist and alienating?
  • Do you have ideas about how feminist groups and events can be made more accessible and inclusive?
  • Can you tell us about positive experiences of access and inclusion?

Anything else on the subject also welcome!

We are interested in personal accounts, poetry, art, research and practical tips.

Please email drafts, abstracts, ideas, or questions to [email protected]

Deadline for drafts: 30th January 2009