Feminist networks profiled in today’s Guardian

Today’s Guardian profiles the growing number of feminist networks up and down the country:

Bristol isn’t the only city with such a popular group – there are new feminist networks forming around the UK, providing a stark riposte to the notion that feminist thought and activism has long since snuffed it. The Glasgow Feminist Network (GFN), for instance, has around 250 members, ranging in age from 16 to 60, and other groups include The Waves in Cardiff, and the Edinburgh Feminist Network. Then there’s the London Feminist Network (LFN), one of the largest women’s rights groups in the country, which numbers around 600 members.

One of the founders of the GFN is Charlotte Cameron, who says that what spurred her to start the group was a growing frustration with “the sexism and misogyny I experienced and observed on a daily basis. I couldn’t find any groups in the city that were trying to counter it, so myself and a few other women set up the network. It’s wonderful to see how inspired older women are to meet young feminists, after they’ve been told for so long that feminism is irrelevant and young feminists don’t exist. We’ve organised lots of events – workshops, film screenings, direct actions – and one of the most important things we’ve done in the last year was the vigil we held after the murders of [local women] Eleni Pachou and Moira Jones, and a string of sexual assaults. That was attended by around 200 people and was really moving.”

It even mentions Reclaim the Night – possibly the only mainstream, national media coverage of the march? Or did I miss something?

LFN has a listing of sister networks, and we have many local feminist groups listed on our resources page.