Genuinely being advertised on Ebay

But obviously we don’t live in a society hostile to women’s rights…..

Description: A blue short-sleeved men’s tshirt on which the slogan reads: Statistically 9 out of 10 people enjoy gangrape

rape isn't rape tshirt

Description: A red short-sleeved men’s tshirt on which the slogan reads “It isn’t rape if you shout surprise

The shop claim their tshirts are “fun” and represent a “light hearted attitude”. Yep got that right – ‘cos, y’know rape is inherently funny isn’t it? The violation of an actual person for the amusement of others. Their email address is [email protected] by the way. On their website they classify the “it isn’t rape is you shout surprise” tshirt as “offensive” but the gang rape one is apparently just “funny”.

I’ve emailed a press query asking them 1. why they produce statements justifying and minimising sexual violence and 2. how this fits with their remit of light heartedness. Let’s see if they have the balls to respond – but given their press contact is male I am guessing they won’t. That’s your challenge Chargrilled – come up with a decent response which goes beyond “we’re male therefore we have a right to minimise the abuse of women”.

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