Homo Promo

The gay community is often accused by right-wing groups of trying to push their ‘homosexuality agenda’. Rather than fighting the accusation, Gay Times magazine decided to roll with it, and asked some creative agencies to design some homosexuality advertising campaigns.

It’s a great idea, but the results are disappointing, to say the least – of the six pitches, three rely heavily on negative stereotypes of women to put the point across.

homo_promo2.jpgThe worst offender, created by The King’s Arms Creative, Manchester, shows unflattering pictures of women already villified by the press, including Heather Mills, Cherie Blair, Amy Winehouse and Jodie Marsh, with the message ‘Go Gay’.

My heart sinks. Why is it necessary to push one group of people down to push another up? (Yes, PETA, I’m looking at you.) And not only is it offensive, it’s lazy. The fact that so many creative agencies came up with broadly similar ideas doesn’t say much for their creativity….

See all the Homo Promo visuals here.

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