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First up on Proposition 8 there is a great Open Letter at Racialious by Adele Carpenter:

These articles mistakenly imply that the struggles for civil rights for LGBT people and communities of color are separate or even at odds with each other. They deny the work that LGBT people of color do to combat homophobia and transphobia in their families and communities, often while facing racism within the queer community as well. These articles deny homophobia among white people. They displace blame away from those who actually have the power to consistently deny others civil and human rights, and instead, charge that when communities that have long been disenfranchised and alienated from political processes participate, that the results with be negative for LGBT people.

Women’s Space have the top 11 donors to the Yes to Prop 8 campaign and guess what – yep they are all white

Meanwhile over here is a new anti-sizism project based on positive photographic images of larger women.

I initially thought this was a wind-up (still do partly except for the “On Sale From” bit at the end) but Feministing has covered a “virtual” girlfriend which you beat with a paddle, forcibly strip and then, when she’s crying, give her a teddy bear to make it alright. If this is for real I’m, well, flabbergasted.

Here is an article by the notorious Julie Bindel about Shelia Jeffrey’s new book on the sex trade.

Pakistan’s response to outrage over the killing of Taslim Solangi seems to have been to reward hardline misogynist MPs by giving them Cabinet positions. This includes one man, Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani, who allegedly (he denies it) gave five women as “compensation” in a local court and another, Israrullah Zehri who famously said he would defend men’s rights to commit murders in the name of izzat.

“Is this the politics of appeasement?” said Tahira Abdullah, a member of rights group the Women’s Action Forum. “It almost looks like rewarding these men for their deeds against women.”

Meanwhile this piece highlights the abuse of domestic workers worldwide.

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