Not a slow blogging round-up

A New York Times article has drawn fresh attention to the ‘slow blogging’ movement. Like slow food, slow blogging is meant to encourage thoughtful blogging and “not having what you write be the first thing that comes out of your head”.

Well, unfortunately this is yet another round-up post – surely the complete opposite of slow blogging, these are a collection of links that I don’t have time to post about properly.

The BBFC thinks disability is unsuitable subject matter for children – explaining the 12 rating on the film Special People with the note “sex references, disability theme“. Hoyden About Town has more.

Lesley Abdela wrote about why it is that domestic violence is not considered ‘newsworthy’. The comments are an object lesson in themselves.

Over in the US, reactions flood in to the news that a ban on same-sex couples adopting children has been ruled unconstitutional. Meanwhile, Nepal legalised same-sex marriage.

Australia is refusing to recognise the gender identity of two trans men because they’ve not been sterilisedQuestioning Transphobia has more info and analysis of this.

In other creepy medical news, Papua in Indonesia plans to microchip “sexually aggressive” patients with HIV

Eminism posts a hilarious interlude about right-wing objections to gender neutral loos.

The Pink and the Blue Project (H/T Sarah)

Is this a real advert for touch typing “for men”?! Judge for yourself, but be warned the image is NSFW.

The Columbia Journalism Review rounds up some of the press attention that US broadcaster Rachel Maddow has been attracting.

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