OK I eat my hat….

Email just received from Chargrilled on this. All I can say is wow and go F Word! (Obviously the fact they were ever there in the first place is abhorrent but this is responsive).

Dear Dr. Livesey,

We would like to thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Firstly, we would like to apologize unconditionally for the nature of these t-shirts. CharGrilled does not in any way wish to condone sexual violence or minimize the brutality of such acts and we take your accusation very seriously.

Further to your email, the two designs that you enquired about have been removed from the website. CharGrilled has a vast back catalogue of designs that are very rarely ordered, which these designs were among. As such, they have escaped our notice for some time. The designers responsible for these t-shirts have since left the company. We will not be considering re-hiring them.

As a result of your correspondence we are undertaking a frank revision of much of our back catalogue to look for other designs that similarly cross the boundary of acceptability.

We hope you can accept our most sincere apologies,


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