Charity Porn

Just when I thought it was safe to go outside I discover that a Japanese porn company is making “charity porn. I don’t want to subject readers to my raving rant on NGOs and charities so I’ll just quote the blogger at Wronging rights

They’ve sent some porn actresses to Kenya, and filmed them having sex with impoverished local Africans for their Naked Continent series. The production company, Natural High, has proudly proclaimed that the director made an $11,000 donation to a local charity, and will donate another $10 for the purchase of every DVD of that particular film.

It’s not the porn aspect that I find offensive but traveling all the way to Africa and then exploiting impoverished people in this way then using the money to donate to local charities. It’s like the whole debt / aid thing where countries are impoverished with debt and then given aid money for not all but a great deal of useless dependency creating projects. This is one example of a fucked up world along with demonising single mothers for staying at home looking after (WORKING) their children. Woman after woman are phoning local radio stations in support of the proposed Bill with the usual rant about my tax payers money etc etc. Where were all these people a month ago when the banks were being bailed out with £billions of tax payers money? Why aren’t they phoning and complaining about the $billions being spent on Iraq and Afghanistan instead of picking on the poorest most vulnerable people in England?

Meanwhile back at the farm you can engage yourself in ending hunger through a Heifer gift – that is a chick, goat, cow whatever. On the front is a smiling photo of a woman and a cow in a field just in case you miss the point of the happiness you will be creating with this gift of chicks, cow goat…and of course you get to forget the trees cut down in the Amazon to feed the cows you eat everyday that lead to the impoverishment of the people who you now give a gift of a chick, cow, goat………………

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