Dr Humayra Abedin to return to UK

Good news: the NHS doctor alleged to have been held captive by her parents in Bangladesh after she refused an arranged marriage is on her way home to the UK. Although Dr Abedin is not a British national, the authorities issued a protection order under the 2007 Forced Marriages Act and, following a court hearing in Bangladesh, she was delivered to the safety of the British High Commission.

Her lawyer believes that around 300-350 British women are currently trapped in a similar situation, and hopes that the success of Dr Abedin’s case will encourage victims of forced marriage to come forward, while sending a clear warning to perpetrators: ‘the courts will deal with the problem’. Daughters are not the property of their parents, nor of the man they are expected to marry, and it was only proper that the Bangladeshi and British authorities cooperated to return this woman her freedom.

Dr Abedin is ‘exhausted, but elated’, and has requested that no charges be brought against her parents.

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The government’s Forced Marriage Unit has an information page for victims, and their helpline number is 0207 008 0151.