Female lawyers told to wear high heels, skirts

The ‘magic circle‘ law firm Freshfields has advised its female lawyers to play up their femininity, wearing high heels and skirt suits, reports the Daily Mail.

But they can’t embrace it too much.

Necklaces, they have been warned, should be avoided as they could draw undue attention to the bustline.

Of course! Can’t make the rules too easy to follow – be ‘feminine’ enough, but not too feminine.

Quoting from the law firm’s latest ‘corporate social responsibility’ report (which also contains the statistic that only 12% of its partners are women):

Broadening the diversity of our people is important to the success of our

firm, as we recognise that diversity of cultures, backgrounds, nationalities

and ideas improves the quality of our work and enriches our working


We want our firm to attract, develop and retain a range of people in

terms of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion or belief, age or


But only women who are happy to present themselves in a properly feminine (not too feminine!!) fashion, and don skirts and heels, need apply?

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