Round up

Bitch Ph.D uncovered a shower-radio which boasts among its features… a hidden camera. (Via Melissa at Shakeville)

A 12-year-old girl was paralysed after being vaccinated against HPV, reports The Telegraph – was it co-incidence or was it a direct result? (From Jezebel)

Broadcaster Rachel Maddow is in Vogue – AfterEllen wonders what a Maddow cover would look like.

Andrea at the Official Shrub blog posts about how it’s possible for gaming community managers to take some responsibility for preventing sexism, racism, homophobia and other oppressive behaviours.

Sinclair has revived Queer Eye Candy, and given it a dedicated blog of its own.

A politician from Israel’s Men’s Rights Party is as offensive as the name of his party would suggest.

A campaign to boycott Emirates Airlines is underway, reports Rosie at Lesbilicious:

Emirates bans openly gay male flight attendants from its fleet, and women must be below a certain weight and take compulsory beauty and etiquette training. If an unmarried woman becomes pregnant, she is fired.

Are your MEPs signed up to the declaration on recognition of same-sex partnerships? Pink News has a list of all the MEPs and whether they’ve signed up or not – UK readers can find the MEPs for their region here.

To get you started, three of the 10 MEP that represent London have not signed up to the resolution: Labour’s Mary Honeyball, UKIP’s Gerard Batten and Tory Syed Kamall.

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