The Sun and its slideshow of “ugly” sex workers

The Sun has posted a gallery of photos of women arrested by the Tennessee police – to demonstrate how unattractive they perceive them to be.

The headline given to this story is “All American beauties hooked”, and the Sun proceeds from that lovely start to basically point their fingers and laugh at the women arrested for being prostitutes.

I’m not entirely surprised that The Sun didn’t point out how vile it is that women in prostitution were arrested and further persecuted by the police force. However, it’s surely a new low to quote the police officers ridiculing the women they’ve just arrested:

One police officer laughed: “It’s amazing that some of these women could make a living.

“There must be a lot of desperate guys out there.”

Under one photo, the Sun even adds the horrible line “Sells sex… for money?” Another is simply labelled “rough”. One is labelled “scary”.


(Thanks to RM for sending in the link)

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