Volunteer at Crisis this Christmas

Crisis’ women’s centre is understaffed this Christmas. Charlotte Cooper puts a call out for volunteers

Every Christmas for the last 37 years, the charity Crisis opens the doors of several special centres across London to accommodate a large community of homeless and vulnerably housed people. The centres are open from 23-30 December, and provide a safe space, vital companionship, hot meals and warmth. The centres also offer a variety of services including medical check-ups, free clothing, haircuts and learning opportunities.

I’ve spent the last two Christmas’s volunteering along with a merry band of women at the Women’s centre, a women-only space offering the additional safety and reassurance some women need. There have been whispers that the centre is sadly understaffed, particularly the night shifts (by far my favourite) and this could cause problems for the guests who are staying over.

As a special Christmas gift to someone you don’t know it would be great if you could spare a few nights or days to help the smooth running of the site and help create a warm and friendly home for these women for seven days.

If you are not female there are plenty of other sites that always need volunteers, I would highly recommend checking the website and then having yourself a merry little Christmas.

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