Another round-up

Anna Chen did a show about Anna May Wong for Radio 4. But she’s also posted extensively about the show on her blog, if you can’t get Listen Again to work.

I like this story about how Emily Cummins burrowed away in her grandfather’s shed inventing things like a fridge that works on principles of evaporation, and doesn’t need to be plugged in. The garden shed inventor is always male in popular culture. It’s a shame the Daily Mail so effectively messed up reporting the story so thoroughly.

Muslimah Media Watch deconstructs an article in the LA Times about Aliyah Bacchus, a young lesbian Muslim, and her alienation from her family.

Jewess posts about Hungry to be Heard, a documentary on young Orthodox girls with eating disorders.

Charcoal Ink posts about attitudes to afros in office environments.

Bidisha posts about marriage and weddings, over at CiF. Caution: it’s a bit inflammatory.

Jeanette Winterson has a column in the Times, and she talks about the attitudes she encounters ordering ‘The Essential Dykes to Look Out For’ from her local bookshop… Via Alison Bechdel’s blog.

Women who’ve taken long career breaks to look after their children are to get £500 bonds to pay for retraining, reports The Guardian.

The Life and Times of an Indian Homemaker talks through some of the reasons why women do all the cooking, then eat last.

Rite Aid identifies the “masculine” greeting cards.

Cara posts at Feministe about pressure experienced by boys who compete at double dutch (skipping).

Finally, do you remember the story a while back, about how after transitioning, trans women see a drop in pay, while trans men see pay stay the same or go up? It led to some interesting debate when Laura blogged about it – The Bilerico Project interviewed one of the authors of the report.

Photo shared on Flickr by Lone Black Rider, under a Creative Commons license (I recommend the whole set of double dutch photos, actually!)

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