Anti-semite in shock sexism!

You’ve probably heard by now that the Pope has un-excommunicated four bishops, despite them being Holocaust deniers.

Needless to say, people rarely ascribe to just one particular type of bigotry, so it’s no surprise to see that ringleader of the Holocaust deniers, Richard Williamson, holds a whole range of other vile views as well!

Check out Rhetorically Speaking for some other choice quotes from Bishop Williamson, in which he rails against women wearing trousers, working outside the home and going to university. Further on in this letter, Williamson also attacks sexual harassment laws. He also says:

Of course not all women who wear trousers abort the fruit of their womb, but all help to create the abortive society. Old-fashioned is good, modern is suicidal. You wish to stop abortion? Do it by example. Never wear trousers or shorts.

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