Because we’re supposed to

There’s a great post over at Girl with a one-track mind highlighting the downright injustice of expectations placed on women to behave in a certain way through the hilarious use of sarcasm. I’d encourage you to read the full post, but here’s a snippet:

I like denying myself pleasurable things because women should be martyrs.

I ate a cake once, in secret, but I try not to be ‘naughty’: skipping pudding means I’ll be slimmer and more attractive to men! Anyway, who says obsession with one’s weight is boring?

I always hold off from having sex on a date because not ‘giving in’ to men means I have ‘power’ over them.

I insist men pay for me on dates because that makes me feel feminine. The fact I earn more than them is irrelevant. Men buy and women put out: that’s just the way it is. You can’t fight human nature!

I think women should take responsibility for rape, by covering up more. Men, poor things, get worked up by seeing women’s bodies and it’s not their fault they then can’t control themselves. Testosterone is a very powerful thing!

I always fake my orgasms because I want men to think they’re expert lovers.

If Belle from Secret Diary of a Call Girl can prep her vagina with lube to pretend to her customers that she’s sexually aroused, so should all women.