Casual sexism at LabourList

LabourList is a recently-launched blog for “Labour minded people”.

London MEP Mary Honeyball points out on her own blog that LabourList has a startling male-bias:

However, my biggest LabourList bugbear is its casual sexism. I expect it from ConservativeHome but not a Labour product. The Labour Party has striven to increase women’s political representation with all women shortlists and equal gender representation on closed lists. But frighteningly LabourList is taking us a step backwards by appointing just six women out of 34 as contributors on the site. Making up just 17 per cent of contributors, women are better represented in the Commons than they are on this Labour blogsite!

What a sad state of affairs. They’ve managed to gather together a number of current and former Cabinet level minsiters to “blog” for them, but only managed to find six “Labour minded” women.