Prostitution Exit Programmes?

It seems to me that despite all the debates about the pros and cons of proposed new prositution laws, the one thing that I’d imagine everyone can agree on is that we need more exit programmes, i.e. offering support for those sex workers who want to leave the industry but for whatever reason are unable to do so.

So I’d like to ask – what UK-based exit programmes are there that people are aware of (please provide links if you can)?

And how practially can feminists support these programmes? Let us know. e.g. Is it by donating money? Donating clothes? (I read about a programme in the U.S. that involved women donating suits to an organisation which loaned them out to women who could not afford to purchase their own, for interviews, etc). Donating time? Donating things? Doing something else? What?

Practial suggestions only please!

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