Triple Bill of Grumping….

Whilst I’m at it – this BBC story about a man running a child care centre annoyed me (but not as much as Ex-President Bush). Why? It insidiously presents the idea that childcare is usually all women because of some exclusionary practice rather than the truth – because it’s inordinately badly paid. (Duncan Wise the interviewee admits this “Mr Wise believes men may still be put off the career because of low pay and that they may not even consider it as a profession.”. And it doesn’t surprise me that the sole man in the organisation is running it – that holds true for primary schools as well as pre-school care. In the pre-school sector of private providers finding the start-up capital is much harder for women.

The only two direct examples of people making negative comments both come from men – a father and the Mr Wise’s rugby club.

So here we have an article which portrays childcare as a closed club and doesn’t draw out that women are so numerous here because of the pay and it’s only men that seem to have a problem with it.

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