Apparently Wales doesn’t count….

Map of WalesThe Home Office’s integrated strategy on violence against women which is being drawn up as we speak will not apply to Wales. Secretary of State for Wales, Paul Murphy, has decided Wales should not be included because it already has Domestic Abuse strategy (obviously the only violence against women is domestic violence!). This is also despite problems with the said strategy like it doesn’t meet the UN recommendations on domestic violence policies and ignores all other forms of violence.

End Violence Against Women is asking for people to lobby Paul Murphy – urging him to ensure that Wales is included in the UK’s Violence Against Women Strategy. You can do this using the response form on his website.

Update from EVAW – “We have drummed up a huge amount of support for a joint-up strategy to tackle violence against women in Wales . We now need to redirect our lobbying efforts to the Welsh Assembly Government.

Please refrain from sending any more emails to the Secretary of State, and instead, voice your concerns to Brian Gibbons AM, the Minister for Social Justice and Local Government ([email protected]).” For more information (in answer to the questions) the stuff I’ve got is from the Swyddog Polisi / Policy Officer, Wales Women’s National Coalition (Women’s Voice). I’d suggest people contact them for the latest information.