Every woman is a super woman

Unless you believe Coca Cola and singer Duffy in the latest ad campaign.

Duffy declares

I spotted a poster near Heathrow yesterday and intensely disliked it immediately. Why? Lets see Duffy who won a plethora of awards at the Brit Awards and who has become a household name is not a “superwoman”. Well if she isn’t then no other woman, despite what they achieve, can surely claim that tag. Plus why is it averring to be nothing special is being presented as a good thing? I’d much rather have an advert that says “I am special and so are you” than an advert which tells young women (and lets face that’s who they’re appealing to in audience here) that even if you achieve your dreams, win awards and are plastered around town by the largest multinational corporation, you’re still nothing special.

I guess there is an alternate reading of “I’m not a superwoman” so you can do this too but I find that harder to discern from an advert to which most people’s response would be “well if you’re not who the hell is?”. Is it too much to ask that advertisers might celebrate women’s achievements, once in a while, rather than either denigrating them or just using their bodies? Can anyone name adverts which do celebrate women’s achievements?

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