England team in World Cup final

The women’s cricket team take on New Zealand on Saturday night/Sunday morning (live on Sky Sports, mark you), and have been immense not just in this tournament but over recent years. As you’d expect, the England women aren’t professional cricketers, but the ECB’s time and investment in supporting their development and infrastructure seems to be paying off.

Incidentally, when the so-called liberal lefty Guardian finally got round to covering the women’s fantastic run, the comments box over-ran with readers suggesting that rather doing live over-by-over coverage of the men’s rather dull and disappointing tour of the West Indies, there could be live over-by-over coverage of the women’s tilt at the trophy. No word on that yet, though. Surprising.

EDIT: The England women beat New Zealand by four wickets. I am so inordinately happy and proud. Congratulations!

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