FitnessFirst turns bus-stop into giant scales to violate privacy and humiliate passers by!

fitnessfirstsucks.jpgAs you can see from the image on the right, the gym chain FitnessFirst has done some… erm… interesting advertising in a Dutch bus stop.

The bus stop seat has been turned into scales, and the weight of the person sitting on the seat appears on the billboard.

As AdFreak says:

We’re sure Fitness First is expecting a huge spike in membership from this, but the effect is ruined the moment two people share the seat. That and, you know, trying to win people’s business by humiliating them.

Melissa at Shakesville further points out this is:

Not only fat-hating/shaming, but deeply hostile to the physically disabled, who have to exchange their privacy and dignity for their basic comfort just to wait for a bus.

Of course, FitnessFirst has gyms dotted across this country too; I used to be a member of one, actually. If I still was, I’d be writing to the manager to complain…

The problem seems to crop up in every gym I’ve been to, although I’ve thus far not seen anything as bad as this particular example. (My gym features ‘motivational’ stories on posters, about gym members who went in for personal training with good body-image, for some other reason, like, say, wanting actual instruction on a decent, safe workout, then suddenly realised they did ‘need’ to lose weight after all! And they’re so much happier now! They were just fooling themselves before! )

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