Rounding up on Sunday

A US congressman is pushing legislation to restrict the role of first lady.

Millenium Development Goal 5, to improve maternal healthcare and meet some specific targets: making access to reproductive healthcare universal by 2015 and slashing the maternal mortality rate by 75% on 1990 levels by 2015, looks unlikely to be met. Charlotte Cooper reports for Women’s ENews on a debate which explored how the situation could be turned around.

Stuff White People Do considers what’s wrong with saying “I don’t care if you’re black, white, brown, purple, green…”

Kirsty at Other Stories eagerly anticipates the latest Sarah Waters novel, due out in 66 days…

Renee deconstructs some of the issues around calling for women to focus their activism on portrayal of men as stupid in the media.

The New York Times considers why mother characters in Hollywood films are cast with actors as young or sometimes younger than the actors meant to be playing their sons.

Also in the NYT, a story about Jewish women having a bat mitzvah in their 90s – the coming-of-age ceremony is a relatively new introduction, by a US rabbi in the 1920s, and wasn’t common practice when these women turned 12, so they’re doing it now. (Via Feministing)

Across the pond, the Women, Action & the Media conference has kicked off, and there are plenty of people tweeting, liveblogging and otherwise talking about the conference and the panels… here’s a selection:

Feministe on a rape culture panel…

WIMN’s Voices on a panel about women in the economic crisis…

Kerri Kanelos covering a panel on gender, nonconformity & the media…

Renee considers how accessible the conference really was, given the price tag of tickets

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