The Sex Education Show Vs Pornography

I missed the first series of Channel 4’s Sex Education Show, but will definitely be tuning in for the first installment of series 2 tonight at 9pm. This second series will focus on pornography’s effects on young people, and runs from tonight to Thursday:

In a world where many young people use porn to learn about sex, picking-up potentially dangerous behaviours and attitudes along the way, it’s time to fight back with some sex and relationship education. Accompanied by a team of sexual health experts, presenter Anna Richardson travels to secondary schools across the country to give young people the crucial sex education they are missing.

As part of the series, Anna also goes on an investigative journey looking into the pornification of today’s society and the effect it has on the nation.

Anna also meets people whose lives have been affected by porn, and talks to adults and young people alike about their attitudes and experiences.

I’ll put a review up tomorrow; unfortunately I’m on holiday for the rest of the week, but feel free to discuss the other episodes in comments.