Being Human – Mini Review

I have tried to avoid major spoilers in this post, but feel free to let rip in the comments.

I recently finished watching Being Human, BBC Three’s drama about a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost in a flat share, trying to mingle with humanity.


I enjoyed the series a lot, but was slightly disappointed with the writers handling of the main female character, Annie, who plays the ghost. Whilst the character is lovely, sweet, and well-performed by Lenora Critchlow, as the series went on I noticed:

– Annie spends most of the time in the house, doing housework and making tea whilst the two male characters go out and about in the world.

– Her whole existence and plotline revolved around her pining, obsessing and reacting to a man, her fiance.

– The two male characters, the vampire and werewolf, were both portrayed as extremely edgy, exciting, and dangerous. Annie is definitely not dangerous, and only gets to use her special ‘powers’ in one short sequence right at the end.

– Whilst the vampire and werewolf get cool special effects as their characters demonstrate their non-humanness, Annie doesn’t. I was hoping she would get some scary ghostly changing sequence, but she didn’t. The only thing that changed about her was her outfit got slightly adjusted.

– When she gets her revenge on another character, its with the help of her two male friends standing threateningly behind her, and by whispering something. I found it a disappointing anti-climax. I wanted her to become powerful, to sort it out herself, to blast the person across the room or something, but…. nope.

Also, I’m sure the point has been made a million times before, but it’s interesting isn’t it, how werewolves are usually portrayed as male. The two main things about being a werewolf, which Being Human also emphasised, were monthly changing in reaction to the moon, and the intense physical nature of the change, with bones realining themselves and suffering agonising pain. Obviously the nearest things in the human experience to those are menstruation and childbirth.

What did you all think?