French Elle puts French stars on cover, sans makeup, sans Photoshop

fecover.gifThe French version of Elle magazine is putting various stars on the cover without makeup or Photoshop for its April issue.

The one I’ve posted here is of the director, actor and novelist Sophie Marceau.

But you can go check out Jezebel for another two!

Although this might be considered a bit of a gimmick, it’s also presumably at least a little bit of a response to criticisms of magazines for promoting literally impossible images of women. So, sure, congratulations Elle on making a tiny move in the right direction (let’s talk again when you do this as a matter of course, though).

But, well, how significant is this really?

The story appeared just after Jezebel posted this about Susan Boyle, a Scottish woman who appeared on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’. Watch the video and consider the shocked expressions of the audience and judges when confronted with the fact that it’s actually possible for a woman to have a fantastic voice, and yet not be young, slim and conventionally attractive. I mean, who’d have thought it?!