Times cartoon on Jacqui Smith

Via Cath Elliot and Caroline at Uncool


As Cath says:

Can someone please tell the nation’s esteemed political cartoonists/satirists to change the record and start coming up with something a bit more imaginative (and funny!) ‘cos this public school-boy crap’s getting boring now.

The Times copied this tripe directly from The Independent. The Spectator also got in on the act.

Of course, these cartoons don’t even make sense really – Smith’s husband watches porn… so… what…? What is the clever point the cartoonists are making? Porn exists near to the Home Secretary, so it’d be funny to put her on the cover of a porno – because she was a bit too powerful, let’s show her her place?

As Caroline says:

Firstly – using sexuality to humiliate a woman? Fail. Using sexuality to undermine a woman in a position of power? Fail. Totally fucked up.