Another round-up

Lebanese activists Feminist Collective have launched a campaign against this election poster, which translates “be beautiful and vote”. Here’s the adbusted version:

Nadz at Feminist Collective says:

Give me a break! All of you parties are useless. I’m going up to Baabda in June to exercise my right to vote in these elections because I can think, because it’s one of the only rights I have as a woman in Lebanon. But none of you will get my vote until someone presents a progressive gender equality platform. Till then, I’m voting blank.

Muslimah Media Watch has more coverage of the protest.

Jeddah United, a Saudi women’s basketball team, is profiled by AFP – shame that most of it is about their uniforms, but interesting.

Renee at Womanist Musings answers the question: “what can white women do?”

Twisty skewers the controversy over ‘sexting’:

As you know, girls are sex; when girls send naked pictures of themselves to boys, they merely participate in what the megatheopornocorporatocracy tells them comes naturally. They hit send, sneak out for a cig, and anticipate their just reward for an oppressor-appeasing job well done.

But you know how it is. The set-up is bogus from the gitgo. A woman’s social status is inexorably tied to the manner in which her sex is used by men. It’s impossible for her to express sexuality precisely right, because the sex class is not sovereign over itself. It’s subject to dudely whim. The expression of a woman’s sexuality is purely a matter of dudely interpretation.

And Renee skewers the pink Twix for girls, Fling, particularly the way the advertising suggests substituting chocolate and masturbation:

Just look at those long chocolaty fingers…to indulge in them you won’t even have to risk your girly figure. We’ll just forget that masturbation burns calories along with giving you the satisfaction of getting it just the way you want it, instead of having to tap someone on the shoulder and instruct them to move to the left. Yep, ladies when you feel primal, reach for a fling because your body is reserved for the pleasure of men.

Talking of which, Bitch Blogs reports that May is national masturbation month in the US.

Femilist posts details of a survey by the Scottish Transgender Alliance on the Equality Bill.

Jewess reports on Yeshivat Mahara”t, a yeshiba in the US for Orthodox women.

Shakesville draws attention to an… interesting… CNN headline:

Hopeless’ dads kill their families out of love, experts say

It’s since been changed, decide for yourself if the replacement is any less offensive:

Despondent dads driven to kill loved ones

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