Back on The F-Word

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for KS075col.jpgHello all. Just to let you know that I am back doing another stint of guest blogging on here. On a bit of a roll at the moment after spotting and writing about this horrid abomination on my own blog this afternoon. More like that to follow shortly.

A quick note before I get started though. The F-Word is a group blog and aims to provide a “safe” environment for feminist bloggers and blog-readers. That’s great. It does mean that they’re fairly strict on not allowing more aggressive commenting. I’m all in favour of that but over at my own blog I have a slightly different policy of letting almost any comments stay up – I figure give the idiots enough rope and they’ll hang themselves…!

Anyway I always repost pieces I write for the F-Word on my blog so…

If you want to say something controversial and/or outrageous – come do it at my place.

If you want to feel “safe” from aggressive comments, stay here.

Just so you know.

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