Bitchy Jones is onto something …

Bitchy Jones on why straight women talking about their ‘girl crushes’ or women they’d totally ‘go gay for’ sticks in her craw:

It is because the highest compliment you can pay a woman is to proclaim that you find her fuckable.

Always and forever and as simple as that.

If you admire a woman and like her, if you find her witty and attractive, if you like the way she thinks, well obviously, you want to fuck her. Because if you were a straight man, that’s where that would lead. But if you’re someone who isn’t sexually attracted to women, you might think you are feeling that too, you might even feel that you are insulting that woman if you don’t want to sleep with her (dishing out the ultimate insult by calling her unfuckable).


this I’d-so-sleep-with-her phenomenon is pretty much just a side shoot from the whole damn dirty deal where women are mainly for fucking and generally supplying sex and men are the choosers and enjoyers of that sex.

The rest of the post, which is well worth reading in its entirety, is over here (this post fairly safe for work, but the rest of the site, including the banner heading, perhaps not so much).

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