Hippodrome Yarmouth allows staff to wear ‘100% woman’ badges

Women working at the Hippodrome in Great Yarmouth have demanded permission to wear badges saying they are “100% woman”, to distinguish themselves from the performers in the ‘Lady Boys of Bangkok’ cabaret.

As Monica at TransGriot reports:

Hippodrome staffer Ruth Patterson organized the protest after she heard about the show opening in Brighton. Allegedly a number of women staffers were asked if they were real women. “The Lady Boys may be very, very attractive but I don’t want people to confuse me for one of them.

“I certainly don’t want people in Yarmouth asking me if I’m a Lady Boy – although I am jealous of their fabulous figures.”

I’m guessing that trans women living in Great Yarmouth just love to see the Hippodrome staff walking around with “100% woman” t-shirts and badges on…

Hippodrome owner Peter Jay, who “caved in” and allowed this to go ahead, sounds like a real charmer. He had this to say:

Mr Jay said there had never been an incident of his staff demanding to wear T-shirts or uniforms pointing out people’s sexes in the circus building’s 106 year history.

He said: “You could say it has been a storm in a D cup but it has all blown over now. Maybe my girls can share make-up tips with the Lady Boys before or after the shows.”

A storm in a D cup, hilarious!