Justifying domestic violence

Consider this story in the Independent, is about a man who pushed his ex-wife down the stairs and stabbed her with hairdressing scissors.

So, why did the Independent lede it:

A mild-mannered grandfather was today jailed for attacking his wife after learning of her 30-year affair with his best man.

A case where a man has stabbed his wife with scissors is framed by describing him as a “mild-mannered grandfather”. Right.

And why did the judge say:

Judge Peter Thornton told him: “This attack, however inexplicable in its ferocity, did have an explanation.

“Your anger and your jealousy at her infidelity and your fear of losing her no doubt caused acute stress for you and led you to committing this offence.

“You are normally a quiet, non-violent, hard-working family man. This is a sad case and you acted completely out of character.”

So… a less ferocious attack would have been OK?!

And the defence soliciter said:

“He is basically an amicable, gentle man.”

The story inexplicably doesn’t say what sentence was handed out to 63-year-old Brian Gibbs was sentenced to four and a half years in prison.

The Indepedent never uses the words “domestic violence”.

And we wonder why oh why so many people think there is an ‘excuse’ for domestic violence and rape…

(H/T CTrouper)