NHS Leicester uses shock tactics

NHS Leicester posted a PSA on teen pregnancy to YouTube, which was banned under the site’s community guidelines.

You can still see the video on the NHS’ oh-so-slightly patronising site. It shows a group of teenagers crowded around, shouting, and at first it looks like there’s a fight going on. Except it turns out to be a girl giving birth in the middle of the playground.

It’s certainly on the graphic side, and it seems primarily aimed at scaring, shaming and shocking girls. As Renee says:

Heaven forbid they hand out free condoms to kids which have the ability to fight both disease and reduce the chance of pregnancy. We simply cannot make young males responsible for putting on a rubber and understanding that they are active participants in the act of sex and are therefore responsible for its outcome. Clearly the NHS has decided to fall back on punishment as a form of “avoidance therapy” for young women.

Possibly the wider campaign will involve… err… actual information, not just scare-tactics. But this video in itself doesn’t even include a link or anything.

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