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Hold onto your hats, I’m going to say something good about the Daily Mail (without disputing its general status as the Daily Male, Daily Fail, etc…)

When I was writing this post about Flight Lieutenant Kirsty Moore joining the Red Arrows, I accidentally* glanced at the comments, and noticed that the Mail has a comments system which lets readers vote comments up or down.

It was interesting to see that all the top comments are positive. One even says:

I’m just waiting for someone to say that she was only hired because of some PC equality & diversity thing…even though putting a less competent pilot in the air with the others could potentially cost lives, no matter what their gender.

And, yes, these comments can be found. If you click through to the ‘worst comments’ section, for example, you can see that Alistair Hillier, of Sandbanks UK came up with this… er… witty one:

Yeah. It’ll be ok going forwards but wait till she has to back it into a hanger.

But the comment has a negative rating of more than 150.

For me anyway, it takes out quite a bit of the bite of these misogynist comments to know that they’ve been relegated to ‘worst comments’. Perhaps not quite as good as the newspaper having a policy of not publishing sexist comments, but given the editorial content perhaps that’s too much to expect anyway.

It’s dependent on the comment community to call shit out – maybe this is an isolated, positive example. But still, interesting. I’m sure one of the benefits is that you can vote comments up or down without having to comment yourself or get involved too much or respond directly to agressive comments.

*It’s usually to be avoided!

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