Say what?

Ever wondered what we’d get if “two of Britain’s most outspoken feminists” (Julies Bindel and Burchill) had a conversation in The Guardian’s G2? Let’s see…

Gender stereotyping?

[Burchill] I like men and get on much better with them one to one than I do women, who can be a bit emotional. But part of what makes a man a man is that he never takes offence!

Check. Cultural blindness and general Western arrogance?

[Burchill] On the whole, in the west, where feminism has made its mark…

Check. That combined with mocking other women?

[Burchill on the burkha] God created women to look like women; he didn’t create them to look like parrot cages with a nightshade chucked over it.

Check. More gender stereotyping?

[Bindel] I much prefer women to men. A lot of them are emotional cripples.

Check. But this time it’s funny ‘cos it’s men.

Yes, I get that this is all light hearted banter, but I still feel the need to stand up and say, ‘This ain’t my feminism’. And thanks for fuelling the anti-feminist trolls there, Grauniad.

I suggest you go read this piece on the results of the Fawcett Society’s investigation into women and the justice system instead.

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