Transnational feminist talk in London tomorrow

Sorry for the short notice, but I only just saw this: there’s an interesting panel discussion tomorrow as part of the ChangeUtopia! conference:

For transnational feminism!

Sunday 10th May 2009 from 11am – 1pm

At Rich Mix, 35-47 Bethnal Green Rd London E1 6LA (Close to Liverpool Street Station and Brick Lane)

Feminism is increasingly regarded as a significant issue at the international level: the United Nations, World Bank, European Union and nation states as diverse as France, Kenya and China recognise the importance of promoting women’s rights. Gender equality or female empowerment is even invoked to justify military action in wars such as Afghanistan. Yet, at the same time, this equality remains elusive in many aspects of life: sex trafficking and female abuse are still prevalent in the supposedly enlightened West, and the rights of women differ significantly among different EU Member States.

What remains of the feminist project of the 60s and 70s? What are the implications of postcolonial critiques of feminism? What possibilities are there for a radical transnational and cosmopolitan feminism to arise?


* Sonia Dayan Herzbrun (Emeritus Professor Paris VII, and EHESS Paris), a sociologist who has written on transnational feminism and feminism in North Africa.

* Encarnación Gutiérrez Rodríguez is Senior Lecturer in Transnational studies at the University of Manchester. She is co-director of the Migration and Diaspora Cultural Studies Network.

* Eric Fassin (ENS Paris), whose work focuses on sexual and racial issues in Europe. In 2005 he wrote the book The inversion of the homosexual question.

This event is part of ChangeUtopia! at the London Festival of Europe, a congress for new transnational politics and culture, which features speakers including Rasheed Araeen, (artist and founder editor of Third Text) Gilbert Achcar (SOAS London) and Scott Lash, (Goldsmiths London).

For further details, please see the European Alternatives website:

This event is free and open to all

This event will be of particular relevance to those with an interest in feminism and transnationalism, women’s and gay rights, and migration and globalisation.

The organisers

European Alternatives is a transnational organisation based in London with offices in several European cities. It is dedicated to exploring the potential for post-national/transnational politics and culture, and promoting intellectual and artistic engagement with the idea and future of Europe.

European Alternatives believes that in a globalised world progressive politics must be articulated and fought for beyond the nation state.

We run several projects on cultural and political themes internationally, publish a monthly magazine, and organise the annual London Festival of Europe

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