F-Word bookshop proceeds from last year donated to Women’s Aid

We have donated £200 of proceeds from our Amazon bookshop to Women’s Aid.

We* decided to donate almost 100% of the money made from the bookshop in its first year. (You can read more about the bookshop here.)

Women’s Aid was chosen to receive the first donation, because an overwhelming number of people nominated them when we originally carried out our survey on advertising and revenue streams for The F-Word, which led us to set up the shop.

We wrote in to Women’s Aid, and asked where the money would do most good (i.e. a particular refuge or project) and they asked that it go towards maintaining up to date resources and information on womensaid.org.uk, and thehideout.org.uk, the organisation’s website for children and young people.

Women’s Aid told us:

We are constantly improving these websites by adding new resources to provide support to the victims and survivors of domestic violence, such as online message boards where victims and survivors of abuse can share their stories with one another and create a network of support. Over the past year we have also created two online interactive ‘virtual refuges’, to give both adults and children the chance to see what refuge services can offer. The adult refuge features real-life images from a Women’s Aid refuge house to reassure women escaping an abusive relationship of what to expect. This is complemented by a cartoon virtual refuge linked to The Hideout, where children and young people who are worried about going into a refuge can explore the rooms, speak to the people who are living there, and play with the virtual toys in the house. We hope that the virtual refuges will encourage women and children who are at risk in their own homes to consider moving to a refuge, where they can feel safe and get the support they need to help rebuild their lives.

In September 2008 we launched the Expect Respect campaign, targeted at teenagers who may have been affected by domestic violence. A number of campaign resources have been produced, including a new section on The Hideout website for teenagers, which features real life stories and videos from teenagers who have themselves been affected by domestic abuse.

Your donation would help us to continue to maintain and improve these important services as well as enabling us to continue to provide the free support and education resource sections which do not receive financial support and yet are amongst the most accessed areas of our website.

If you want to add to the money given to Women’s Aid from The F-Word, then email Louise and she’ll tell you how to do that. If you want to contribute to the next donation then please use the Amazon shop or wait for more news on this blog!

* (Meaning me, F-Word founder Catherine Redfern, and treasurer Louise Livesey).