FemAdLib Kolektiv presents BOGOF

This Thursday, the FemAdLib Kolektiv will be presenting the exhibition/intervention BOGOF at various locations around London from 12-8pm:

FemAdLib Kolektiv presents BOGOF, the closing down sale of Mark-It & Sons, a capitalist venture that’s been trading women for centuries. Real women are stacked on shelves and in basement bargain bins. The shop includes all models fit for commodification within the patriarchal system: most are fully exploitable inside and outside the home. This buy-one-get-one-free closing down sale marks the end of capitalism and the beginning of a post-capitalist world where no-one can be bought and value doesn’t have a £ sign on its head. So come along for the market’s last wheeze and you might find there’s a surprise in store.

FemAdLib Kolektiv is a space for explicitly feminist art and activism by women-identified artists and activists. FemAdLib’s works aim to overtly challenge power structures that cause sexism and other excuses for hierarchy.

The location of the actions will be released on twitter. More info here. To get involved in the action contact: femadlibkolektiv[at]rocketmail[dot]com