London Conservative Future Chair on Women’s Role

Liberal Conspiracy link to this video from Don’t Panic magazine aimed at finding out whether the new young Conservatives, Conservative Future, are really as hip and radical as they claim. Towards the end we see members of CF denying global warming and – surprise, surprise – blaming the “break-down” of marriage and the family for social ills, arguing that a conservative world would be great because you’d get to ‘keep your taxes’ (and stuff the rest of us who can’t afford to pay for private education and healthcare, I assume). Then there’s this little gem from the Chair of London Conservative Future:

Personally, I want to be a mother. Every woman in society should achieve that…We’re here to procreate.

Technically, yes, human beings do exist to procreate, but I don’t think that those of us who choose not to fulfil our biological function should tattoo ‘failure’ on our foreheads.

The video has been pulled from YouTube following complaints from Conservative Future.