Monday Round-up

I discovered through Sunny on Twitter today that Pickled Politics have highlighted the new “Women Uncovered” blog. The site’s strapline is “Where Brown British Women Bitch” and there are two posts so far: one on veils, headscarves and hijab and one on macho black stereotypes in the classroom.

I also found a blog from Tom Attah, focussed on how we can come together to beat the BNP (thanks for the heads up to Laurie Penny and Helen G):

How do we take a message of understanding and inclusion – the message that I have learned and been taught for the last 36 years – to people who have forgotten it or never been taught that they belong in the world, not on an island?

But you know – it could be easier than I think. After all, everyone likes a curry and a bit of motown.

Over at Womens e-news, there are cheers of the week for a story about the launch of the world’s first “natural” birth control pill, Qlaira, in the U.K and jeers for the bad news that fighting in northwest Pakistan has displaced numerous pregnant women and new mothers.

Meanwhile, the first carnival of feminist parenting is now up and running and Helen G has posted about an ongoing hate campaign against trans women in Turkey.

Finally, for today, Pink News has reported that there’s a new look for Diva magazine and there’s a piece from Dana Rudolph at the Bilerico Project about Debra Chasnoff’s new film exploring how gender stereotypes and homophobia affect all teens. Along with this, we got a heads-up from Josh Neicho about an article by Jasmine Gardner in the London Evening Standard on the current trend for an apparently more fluid approach to sexuality in young women in recent times. She touches on all the usual infuriating “lipstick lesbian” fakery but also mentions the popularity of Beth Ditto as an indication that times really are changing:

Back in the staid 1990s, Peaches’s dalliances would have had her labelled a LUG (Lesbian Until Graduation), the kind of girl that “serious” lesbians abhorred, who would admit to liking women only until they had to leave the safe haven of university for the real world — and have more “socially appropriate” relationships.

But now Beth Ditto, lead singer of The Gossip and the most in-your-face lesbian the music world has ever seen, has become a celebrated style icon.

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