New Women’s History Magazine – HerStoria

Whilst in Liverpool recently I stumbled across the amazing shop News From Nowhere which if you don’t know is a fabulous, not for profit, radical and community bookshop, and also a worker’s cooperative.

Anyway, whilst browsing this wonderful treasure trove, enjoying a free vegan truffle and stocking up on various zines and interesting magazines such as Dublin’s anarcha-feminist magazine The Rag, I spotted a new one I hadn’t come across before which I thought might interest some of you.


HerStoria Magazine is a UK based women’s history magazine. From the website:

HerStoria magazine explores the past to discover how the other half lived, telling the story of ordinary – and extraordinary – women. We’ll bring you opinions about the fairer sex from across the centuries, and investigate the ways in which women responded and lived their lives…

…Debate the issues that influence the way history is made: Are women making themselves heard on the radio and TV? Are young historians in school learning about women’s history? Are women given an equal voice in popular and high brow history? Do museums and heritage centres provide a balanced view of history? Are our public memorials fair to women? Do we forget our heroines too easily?

So there you go. Check it out!