Samantha Orobator sentenced to life

Samantha Orobator will not face the death penalty – instead she will face life in prison after she was found guilty of drug trafficking, according to the Guardian.

The Guardian confirms she was forced to sign a statement saying her pregnancy is not the result of rape while in custody.

She is likely to be allowed to serve her sentence in the United Kingdom, following the signing of a prisoner transfer treaty by both countries last month.

Orobator, 20, from Peckham, south London, avoided a potential death sentence on the grounds of her pregnancy. The Lao authorities required her to sign a statement before her trial saying that she had not been raped or sexually abused while in custody. Her baby is due in September and she was arrested last August.

A Foreign Office spokesperson confirmed the sentence and British consular officials from Bangkok were present in court for the hearing. “We will be in contact with her to discuss her options,” said a spokesperson. It is possible that she will be able to fly back to the UK before the end of the month.

Although Orobator has been sentenced to life, she may be eligible for release in the UK after a few years, as it is her first offence and a defence of duress has been advanced.

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