More on “Stay-Home-Dads”

Just a quick heads-up to say I took part in a Radio Five Live feature prompted by a report that there has been an 80% increase in men staying at home since April 2008.

I realise we probably shouldn’t be getting too excited about these findings, owing to the fact this research was conducted by a PR company for Tesco’s Baby and Toddler Club. However, with an apparent increase to 342,000, it does look like they must have used a fairly large sample and the quoted increase, from 192,000, is said to be based on a comparison with ONS Jan – March 2008 data on men looking after family/home. I’m still in the process of hunting this data down so if anyone has better luck with finding it than I have, please let us know!

Ranvir Singh was presenting.You can listen to the feature online until Sunday (scroll to 2.27.06 into the programme).

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