Nottingham council withdraws funding to Roshni women’s centre

Nottingham City Council is threatening to withdraw funding from Roshni, the only specialist organisation that supports South Asian women victims of domestic, sexual violence and forced marriage in Nottingham.

Roshni has put together a petition, which will be presented to the council, urging them to continue funding the organisation:

Over the last two years Roshni have supported over 1000 women and children to leave situations of violence, support that would not be available had Roshni not existed.

The availability of specialist refuge space is paramount to the well-being, safety and lives of South Asian women

Nottingham’s decision fails to take account of the unequal social, economic and cultural context which makes it difficult, if not impossible, for South Asian women to access external help and support.

Please support our survival and the survival of those accessing our service by signing this petition:

Sign the petition here. You can also signal your support on Facebook, by joining the Save Roshni Save Lives cause – which will send you updates and more info on how to help.