Littlejohn adds trans people to his list of targets.

Daily Fail columnist Richard Littlejohn – the same hateful prick who claimed that the deaths of the murdered Ipswich sex workers were “no great loss” – has sunk to despicable new depths today with his pathetic, transphobic rant against the National Trans Police Association. The Association’s aim is to:

…provide support to serving and retired police officers, police staff and special constables with any gender identity issue, including, but not exclusively, Trans men, Trans women, people who identify as Transgender, androgyne or intersex, and people who cross dress.

‘The NTPA further aims to provide support to all serving and retired police officers, police staff and special constables who are dealing with people with a gender identity issue, whether that person is a colleague, family member or a member of the public involved in a police matter.’

Sounds entirely reasonable and positive, doesn’t it? But Littlejohn views the NTPA as an unnecessary lobby which will lead to “transvestites” filing unfounded grievances and demands for promotion, so wasting police time and threatening equality and meritocracy (you know, the kind of equality and meritocracy where everyone is on exactly the same footing as straight, white, cis men). Same old Fail shit there, then.

But he goes further than that. The article is accompanied by a huge cartoon of a hairy policeman in stockings, heels and make-up, and is full of disgusting digs at trans people:

Note the ‘but not exclusively’. You might have thought that any outfit encompassing transgendered, androgyny and intersexuals (whatever the hell they are) had pretty much covered the waterfront…

…The criteria is so widely drawn that, theoretically, it could also include centaurs, who are currently under-represented in the ranks of the Old Bill…

…I acknowledge that some people have gender ishoos and are entitled to understanding….

…at this rate it won’t be long before a cross-dressing copper complains that his stockings and suspenders are chafing under his blue serge uniform and insists on being allowed to go on patrol in a leather mini-skirt and an Amy Winehouse wig.

Shorter Littlejohn: “You’re a bunch of worthless freaks, but at least you’re good for a cheap laugh”.

His complete lack of empathy for the challenges faced by trans police officers and the obvious delight he takes in mocking those who are not as gender-normative as him makes my skin crawl. You can leave comments under the piece (at least they’ll be read, even if they aren’t published), or send feedback to the paper here.

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