Manparts deemed too offensive by Filament printers.

The awesome new women’s magazine Filament, which I reviewed here, is having problems getting its latest edition printed because it features erect cocks:

Explicit images of women are available at any newsagent, but Filament, the world’s only magazine featuring male pictorials designed for the female gaze, is finding itself between a rock and a hard place when it comes to printing explicit images of men.

Filament only prints explicit images when these are of high photographic and erotic quality, and clearly designed for women – we won’t ever be putting hard cocks on every page. The problem is, all the printers that a small, independent magazine like Filament can afford have said they won’t print images of the male of the species in a state of obvious arousal. Reasons given include that printing these images may cause offence to ‘women’s groups’.

Offence to women’s groups my arse. It’s ridiculous that the erect male penis is seen as this almost mystical object that must. not. be. shown. in print or on screen. It’s perfectly normal, and it’s perfectly normal and reasonable for straight women to want to look at it. Again, it comes down to women’s bodies being associated with sex and sexualised images of women being so normalised, while men are afforded protection from the gaze and straight women are bizarrely assumed to be uninterested in looking at the object of their desires.

Filament only need to sell a few hundred more copies of their first edition to afford a new printer which will allow them to continue in their mission of elucidating the straight female gaze. If you want to help them, you can buy a copy here.