Lib Dems adopt women-friendly policies.

The Lib Dems have voted in support of MP Jo Swinson’s ‘Real Women’ manifesto, which Melanie Newman guest blogged here, meaning her policies will be officially adopted by the party. They include:

* Providing twenty hours of free, good quality childcare per week, for all children from 18 months to when they start school

* Requiring companies to publish data on the pay scales within their organisations and conduct pay audits

* Introducing a ‘name blanking’ policy so that job applicants apply with National Insurance numbers

* Modules on body image, health and well-being, and media literacy to be taught in schools

* Tackle body image pressure by requiring advertisers to label all adverts, disclosing the extent of digital retouching of images of people

All good stuff; I’m really pleased to see the Lib Dems taking women’s rights seriously, and kudos to Jo Swinson for getting them on the agenda.