New sexism column in times2.

I was pleasantly surprised to be sent a link to a new feature in The Times times2 supplement, encouraging readers to send in examples of everyday sexism. This is the kind of thing people who think feminism is now irrelevant need to hear about:

When I phoned BT to complain about a fault with my digital freeview box, I didn’t know which transmitter we were picking up our signal from. The woman answering my complaint advised me to phone back later when my husband was at home to help me. Thanks, BT.

– Jan Walmesley

I was chewing absentmindedly on a pen when my boss asked to borrow it. I handed it to him and told him to be careful because I’d had it in my mouth. He responded to this by unzipping his trousers, putting the pen inside his fly, wiggling it up and down and saying, “is this the closest I’m ever going to get”? The same boss loaded a pornographic screensaver on to my computer while I was out at lunch. I didn’t last long in that job, unsurprisingly!

– Lisa

Wouldn’t it be nice if it was the boss that didn’t last long in that job?

You can contribute by emailing janice.turner[at] Feel free to share any recent irritating events in comments!

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