The Deal with Disability

The Deal with Disability is a new blog written by Eva, a 26-year-old feminist with Cerebral Palsy. The blog documents her everyday encounters with people who treat her “bizarrely” and insensitively when they see she is disabled. Instead of simply getting angry at these people, she chooses to react with amusement and exposes their ignorant attitudes and behaviour through humour, recording the encounter on a video mounted on her wheelchair, as here:

Eva also blogs about people who get it right, like this manager at one of her favourite cafes:

One day the manager walked up and said “Eva, can you show me how I can communicate with you?” So my aide gave a little explanation and we tried it out. She gradually brought every waitress over to see the demonstration. So eventually I could just roll in and order myself. They didn’t make a huge deal out of it and the desire to learn was absolutely sincere. It was just like learning my communication was the next obvious step since I came there so much. This might not seem like a big deal to you but to me it meant that they saw me as a person worth speaking to and not just ‘that disabled girl’.

Definitely one to add to your blog rolls.

H/t to Lesbilicious, who did an interview with Eva last month.

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